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De Waal residentiële schilders en decorateurs

Traditional paintwork in a beautiful thatched villa

Ebony and Co

House in Antwerp, Belgium

Ebony and Co

Bernardus Golf Club, The Netherlands

De Waal residentiële schilders en decorateurs

Pillows Grand Hotel Reylof Ghent

De Waal residentiële schilders en decorateurs

Exclusive painting of the farmhouse

De Rooy Metaaldesign

Luxury steel doors with leather

De Oude Plank

Grand Hotel ter Duin

De Opera Domotica

Domotica Villa


Exclusive kitchen design


Exclusive kitchen Amsterdam

Carpentier Hardwood Solutions

Villa Lubbeek i.c.w. Grietens Concept

Bar in the house

A bar is known as the place where drinks can be enjoyed with friends and where you can have a nice chat. There is an increasing need for a bar at home. It is the ideal place to relax after a long day. You no longer have to go out to have a drink with friends to unwind.

You can use house bars in different areas. At the poker table, for example, to complete the experience or as an addition to the home cinema. But of course, it is also possible to have a bar installed outside. This way you can grab a fresh drink immediately after an invigorating swim.

The design

You can realize the bar of your dreams for your home. When browsing on our website you will find several bars. You can immediately see which company has realized all of these. Think for example of Van den Berg Interieurbouw, RMR Interieurbouw, De Opera Domotica, Bod’or or Sels Exclusive Villabouw. On our website, you will find the projects they have already realized.

Hoog has selected only the best interior builders for you so that the fulfillment of your housing wishes is within reach. Let yourself be completely unburdened, while the professionals create the bar for you that best suits your interior. Everything is possible! You determine the style, color, and use of materials. The interior builder creates a design based on your wishes. Once this design has been completed to your satisfaction, the realization of your bar can begin.